(Re: BikeFit)
Okay, I was concerned about the cleat change....but; I clipped in my shoes (without my feet) and measured from the crank to the heel of both shoes and you got them almost exact....so I said okay let's give it a try.  This was a great change.  My pedal stroke (left leg) had gotten strange over the last few months and I couldn't figure it out.  For the first 30 minutes of ride today I focused on keeping my left knee in, or mostly inline with hip/thigh/foot.  After the first 30 minutes, I just rode and would check every now and then and my pedal stroke was back to "normal."  I've always had a very one-plane pedal stroke.  THANKS FOR CATCHING THIS CLEAT PROBLEM!

I had a solid weekend. Usually the first couple races I am hurting to stay with the pack, this weekend was definitely not the case. I found it real easy to stay with the lead and keep up with any chasing. Had some good pulls and even bridged a few gaps without over working or blowing up. It was a little hard to hold back going for the finish sprint, especially when I was in such good positioning. I am super excited to keep up this routine since it is clearly working.
Jeff R.

Thanks for the training! I went from trailing the lead group, even getting lapped last summer to staying with the breaks and not getting gapped today. So fun!
Seth K.

I feel as though I have turned a corner in my racing fitness since working with you. Although my finish wasn't Top 10 I felt great the majority of the race. Since it was my first Cat 3 race, my main concern was not getting dropped but after that last climb I could see how others were beginning to really hurt and I was still feeling good! So thank you for helping me! It is very much appreciated. I was really excited.
Matthew M.

Great race today! Second place at Texas State Road Race Championships. Thanks to Team Rothe Training for the training leading up to the race, and Robert and Ruarri for the team effort!
Travis W.

Thanks for your continued help.  I do notice a difference in my fitness when compared to past years and it has much improved.
Eric W.

I recently purchased a new Specialized SL2 frame.  For one month I felt like I was fighting the bike, trying to dial in the fit.  Frustrated, I emailed Stefan and he set up a fit session.  Let me just say for the record, this was well worth my time, money, and the drive from Houston.  He is thorough, precise, and accurate.  I would confidently recommend speaking with him before you drop major funds on a trendier fit.
Davis H.

Stefan at Rothe Training has provided exactly what I was looking for from a coach - great service, prompt responses and schedule posting with attention to helping me achieve my competitive goals.
Tim P.

Stefan's attention to detail and knowledge of cycling physiology are exactly what I was looking for in a coach.  Every workout has a purpose.  It's very efficient.  I'm riding faster while actually spending fewer hours on the bike.
Justin W.