Lactate Threshold Testing

Performance Testing for Cyclists and Triathletes

Lactate Threshold TestNeed to know how fit you are? A Lactate Threshold Test determines your current current physical performance and is usually recommended before starting a coaching plan with us. The results of this test will be used to calculate your custom Heart Rate and Power Training zones. We only use the best tools for this, like the Wahoo Fitness Kickr trainer which is currently the most advanced cycle trainer on the market.

What is a Lactate Threshold?

Wahoo Ftiness KICKRLactate Threshold (LT) is known as the "red-line" to endurance athletes, this threshold is the highest intensity at which your body can recycle lactic acid as quickly as it is produced. Just below your LT, you are working hard and acid levels are moderately high, but it does not accumulate too high. Speeding up just a small amount will cause lactic acid accumulation. Knowing this precise threshold enables an athlete to work out most efficiently.

Lactic acid is a byproduct of exercise which makes the muscles "burn" and may contribute to fatigue. During exercise, even at low intensity, you are always producing lactic acid. The muscles are also constantly burning lactic acid and using it as a fuel. At low intensity the muscles easily recycle as much acid as is produced. The higher the intensity is, the more acid is produced by the muscles. At LT intensity, the muscle is able to recycle the acid as quickly as it is produced. If the athlete speeds up just slightly, the muscles produce more acid than it can recycle and acid accumulates, causing fatigue and damaging the muscles.

Why do a Lactate Threshold Test?

Lactate Threshold TestThe single most critical factor that determines the benefit of aerobic exercise is intensity – how hard you exercise! Training at the correct intensity for each type of workout optimizes the body’s response, giving you the greatest workout efficiency. Most people exercise too hard. Whether attempting to improve endurance, lose weight, or increase sustainable speed or power, almost everyone goes harder than is ideal. Testing is the only way to learn the most efficient workout intensities for your unique physiology and get the most out of every workout.

In any structured workout program, each workout should have a specific purpose. To achieve the ideal response from the body, the stimulation must be specific to the desired adaptation and must allow quick recovery for the next key workout. Intensity, more than any other variable, determines the body’s response to the training stimulus.

How we can help!

Lactate Threshold Test ResultsBased on the test described above we will determine your individual Heart Rate (bpm) and Power (W) training zones! The obtained test results and training zones  will be available to you after you completed the test.

All Lactate Threshold Tests are done at Austin Tri-Cyclist in Austin, TX.

For our test, we choose only the best equipment. Testing is done on the state-of-the-art Wahoo Fitness Kickr and we use Nova Biomedical's Lactate Plus lactate meter to determine your blood lactate values.

$100/test ($150 home). Contact us to set up an appointment.

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